Yegii is designed for tomorrow’s professional

Yegii aims to be an insight tool for the business professional disoriented by tech disruption, specifically focused on three types of professionals; Executives, Strategists, and Analysts (feel free to browse our SaaS insight platform right now).

Right now, we are industry agnostic, although we are building content specifically with tech disruption in mind, and especially for emerging sectors which have poor coverage by traditional sources.

We are focused on curating and displaying only the information that matters, thereby transforming the way business professionals learn, discover, track and share insight. One way to think of Yegii, is as a search engine on steroids.

Yegii’s website consists of a few basic types of high value content (e.g. Reports, News, Events, Startups, Blogs, Patents, etc.) crawled from a man/machine selected set of websites across the internet and often enhanced by our own data gathering efforts. Some folks might use Yegii as a Startup database, an Event guide or a News site.

However, we are differentiated from most startup, event or news sites. How? We only list the absolutely most valuable content based on analyzing the quality of the web publishers that produce it, using a man/machine curation approach and a set of transparent criteria. In that way, we are a highly specialized web directory (didn’t Yahoo wish they had chosen that response to Google back in the 1990s…).

The Yegii score is a credibility measure for web content on a 100 point scale. The more reliable the content, the higher the score (see Yegii score).

Mashups of this content populates landing pages (for Disruption, Industries, Countries, Brands, Business Functions, etc.) which provides a unique structure to that content, highly valuable for busy professionals. In that way, Yegii is a tracking service.

If you log into the site, you may also save content, curate your own information ecosystem, and share it. So, in fact, Yegii is also a social networking site for professionals.

For enterprise clients, we have an even more customized solution where we fetch content that matches your criteria, organize it, and even produce custom reports–with record speed and accuracy (see Yegii Enterprise). As you can see, Yegii is also an on-demand research service.

Yegii has a blog co-written by our editors and with freelancers, domain experts, and content partners (see Yegii’s Insight Blog). Feel free to reach out to see if you might be eligible. The emphasis is on meta articles which are overviews that provide “best of” guides to content in any field affected by disruption (we recommend you check out our Blogging Guidelines).

Don’t be surprised to see fairly esoteric topic covered by our blog. We aim to surprise, stimulate, and promote insight discovery.

Overly curated content and poorly implemented recommender systems can make your online life trivialized. After all, just because you read one article on shoes does not mean shoes is all you care about!

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