Why the pandemic will last for a decade but its ultimate consequences might last forever

Last year, without meaning to, I predicted the future. That was less strange than it seems, since I am a futurist. You could say I was expected to.  However, most postmodern futurists these days speak in scenarios of possibilities and not in terms of prophecies. It is both safer for job security, since the future […]

New Construction Tech

Every day the use and application of technology further influences various businesses and the construction industry is no exception. In fact, as a result of this last year, the construction world is experiencing a boom in the use of construction specific-technology known as “contech.” This sudden construction technology adoption occurred with unprecedented speed: a post […]

Starting a Home-Based Business: 7 Essential Tips for Seniors

If you’ve recently entered retirement, you might be wondering how you can create a little more flexibility in your budget. But if you know that you’re not going to go back to the office full-time, what can you do? Starting a home-based business might be the perfect solution! This won’t require much startup funding, and […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Internet Browser

Your internet browser is your gateway into the world wide web, and as you’ve probably already experienced, at least by downloading another browser via the default browser that came with your computer, is that there are major differences between them, to the degree that using the wrong one just doesn’t feel right. Yet what one […]

Capital serfdom: Why early-stage VCs must act as a co-founder for the businesses they invest in

If you keep your finger anywhere near the pulse of the venture capital industry, you’ve accurately sensed that the power dynamic is shifting. While venture capital firms raised a record amount of funds in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, the volume of early stage VC deals fell dramatically in the past year. As the amount […]

Crypto Art: The Future of the Art Industry?

Back in 1999, David Bowie had the foresight to recognize that the internet was about to cause massive, unexpected shifts in the way humans communicate- and even the way we think. In an interview with Jeremy Paxman on a special edition of the program “BBC Newsnight” from that last year of the last millennium, Bowie […]

How to be a great podcast guest

You have been invited as a guest at a podcast. Congratulations! Then comes the moment of panic. What do I do now? Maybe you read the small print and it says something about making sure you have great audiovisual equipment. You also start wondering how to behave on the podcast. Is it formal? Is it […]

Online Businesses are The New Kid on The Block – Here’s why Everyone Wants a Piece of Them

Private equity (PE) isn’t synonymous with moving fast and breaking things.  The ideology that drove the startup world to expand and iterate as quickly as possible never seemed to bleed into the world of PE. The upper echelons of investors have been able to take their time when deploying large amounts of capital as they […]

How to launch a podcast? My experience with equipment, marketing and workflow for

Today, I launch Futurized, the podcast. Futurized goes beneath the trends, tracking the underlying forces of disruption in tech, policy, business models, social dynamics, and the environment. It took me about a month to get to this point. I’m launching with six episodes, a video and audio trailer, and a bit of initial traction from […]


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