Blogging guidelines

We publish reference pieces on disruption that define a topic’s history, characterize the current situation or chart future evolution. We define disruption broadly, encompassing a myriad of societal changes.

Only the knowledge that matters

Blog posts published by Yegii feature original thinking, strong points of view, and are backed up by primary sources that have been vetted for quality and relevance.

Reference pieces

We strive to create and solicit reference pieces pointing to the best places to find information and insight elsewhere. Short pieces are 750-1000 words, long pieces are 1500-2500 words.

Trend topics

We publish evergreen content such as best practices, reviews, Top 20 rankings, origins, ongoing technology developments, and future trends. All content must be unique to our site.

New: We also accept in-depth op-eds or analysis that relate to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why start Yegii’s forces of disruption blog? Our objective, matching, the tech insight network, is to investigate our emerging future and save professionals time when gathering insight. By peaking your curiosity, and, fighting information overload, over time, we hope to increase your cognitive capacity. We invite you to contribute, as long as you share these goals, which are much needed in our changing world.

Trond Undheim, PhD, Author, Speaker, Founder of Yegii, the tech insight network.

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