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Disruption Games: How to Thrive on Serial Failure

Common wisdom says that success breeds success, indeed this is how most VCs pick startups, businesses select talent, and singles search for dates. In contrast, the evidence from science to startups shows that only repeated failure breeds success.

In Disruption Games, now on Amazon (pre-order) and Barnes & Noble (pre-order), and on sale from May 1, 2020. I reveal how companies (and individuals) can build a successful, multi-faceted innovation portfolio and may experience deep learning from failed initiatives.

Over the next few years, successfully managing failure will become a necessary growth strategy for any individual, firm or collective. Are you prepared?

Disruption Games fulfills the need for actionable insight on what’s truly driving change and how to become a change-maker, not just affected by it.
In the book I argue that you need to (a) transform your view of failure–it is highly valuable 21st century training, (b) can only build an attractive innovation portfolio (as a person or a company) based on taking extreme risk with high risk of failure, and (c) I share personal experience from taking risks, losing, winning, and recovering.

How to Play the Disruption Games - an infographic
How to Play the Disruption Games-Infographic

Advance praise for Disruption Games

“Excited to hear MIT legend, star speaker and moderator Trond Undheim’s new book, Disruption Games is available for pre-order. I cannot think of a better guide to the disruptive world that founders and executives inhabit.”

— James Mawson, CEO and Founder, Global Corporate Venturing

“Through MIT, Trond has worked with some of the best startups in the world. Read this book for insights on what it took for them to succeed. Part business, part personal development, Disruption Games provides a blueprint of practical ways to jumpstart successful innovation through examining failure.”

— Brent Hoberman, Cofounder, Founders Forum,,

“Even though I was an experienced founder, I have to say the partnerships Trond facilitated when he ran the startup program at MIT ILP were instrumental to our launch and success.”

— Natan Linder, Cofounder of Formlabs (3D printing) and Tulip Interfaces (advanced manufacturing app)

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