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8 Steps to Successfully Launching Your Remote Career

Perhaps you’ve been working in an office, and you’re interested in transitioning to a remote role. Now, you’re wondering how you can stand out amongst the competition.

You’ll find lots of practical tips on achieving success as a remote worker from Yegii! Furthermore, here’s how to establish your own home-based business, head back to school to earn new qualifications, and brand yourself as an attractive candidate for remote roles.

Consider Forming a Home-Based Business

If you’d like to work from home, you don’t necessarily have to seek traditional employment – instead, you can start your own business without leaving your house! As a home-based business owner, you can benefit from forming an LLC. You’ll protect your personal assets from liability, and you’ll also gain tax advantages. To file according to your state’s rules, you can either submit documents on your own, budget for a lawyer or handle the process through an affordable online formation service.

Go Back to School

By earning a degree or certificate online, you can enhance your professional skills and become a more attractive candidate for remote jobs. With an industry-specific certification under your belt, you’ll increase your marketability. For instance, if you’re trying to break into the IT sector, check this out – you can pursue a degree along with other relevant certifications to open doors.

Master Key Skills

Whether you’re taking online courses for a new certification or you’re pursuing other paths to professional development, you’ll need to master certain essential skills to thrive as a remote worker. The Muse states that you should be adept at digital communication and know the ins and outs of popular industry software.

Update Your Job Search Materials

Before you start looking up job openings, go over your resume carefully. Make sure it includes up-to-date information about your professional experience that will be applicable to your target roles. You should also write a cover letter template that you can customize for different roles. Finally, don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile with a new profile picture and relevant headline!

Navigate Remote Interviews

You’ve scheduled your first video interview, and you want to ensure that you’re prepared. To prepare, HelpScout recommends testing your internet connection, investing in a webcam and headphones if you don’t have them already, testing out the video conferencing software you’ll be using, and ensuring your background looks professional. You can also ask a friend to help you practice your answers to common interview questions!

Set Up Your Home Office

If you’ve accepted an offer for a remote role, you’ll need a comfortable, organized workspace where you can tackle your daily to-do list. Working on your laptop from the couch won’t suffice! Set up a spacious desk with cubbies and drawers for storage, purchase an ergonomic chair, use a cord cable to avoid clutter, paint the walls in a calming hue, and add warm lighting to properly illuminate your space.

Get to Know Your Team

When you work in a brick-and-mortar space, it’s easy to get to know your coworkers. How can you make friendly connections without meeting your new team in person? To cultivate a sense of camaraderie with your colleagues, MakeUseOf recommends regularly participating on your company’s internal messaging channel, seeking out a mentor, and attending any virtual employee engagement events.

Stay Productive

When you work remotely, you’re solely responsible for managing your own time. If you give in to distractions, you won’t be able to keep up with your obligations, and you could risk your job or miss out on opportunities for upward advancement. To stay productive, stick to a motivational morning routine, schedule your day with time blocks dedicated to specific activities, and communicate clearly with your supervisor if you need assistance so that you don’t get stuck on tricky tasks.

Yes, remote job openings tend to get lots of applicants. But with these tips, you can drastically boost your chances of success as an aspiring remote worker. By following these guidelines, you can form your own LLC from home, expand your skill set with a new degree or certification, and impress hiring managers during remote interviews.

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*This post is written by Annabelle Harris, founder of ElderWellness and Elders.Center, a site featuring a plethora of resources to help answer common and not-so-common questions about aging . Her goal is to help soon-to-be-seniors and already-seniors move gracefully into their golden years with less fear and more confidence.

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